Tuesday, September 9, 2008



“Free Eric Mc David” Speaking Tour
Date & time: Sept. 20th 6pm
Contact: info@catalystinfoshop.org
Location: FREE vegan dinner and presentation
@ Prescott College “Crossroads Center” room 101,
music and magic to follow @ The Catalyst Infoshop.
Description: Environmentalist Eric Mc David was
entrapped by the US govt. through a paid informant
to be made an example of to anyone who dares to
dream of a positive change in this world. In May 2008 he was sentenced to 19 yrs and 7 months for a crime
that was never committed.

Gender City!
Facillitator: All/ Each other!
Contact: freeskool@catalystinfoshop.org
Date & Time: Every Friday, 4pm
Location: Courthouse Square [meet @ FNB]
Description: A friendly chat about gender, that
we hope blossoms into continuing conversations about anything we can build solidarity around. First topic
in the “Solidarity City” series.

Urban Garden Harvesting
Facilitator: Thomas
Contact: 727 Dameron St. Prescott, AZ
Date & Time: Every Monday + Friday: 8am
Location: Meet at The Catalyst Infoshop.
Gardens are located all around town
Description: Join the Karma Farm team! This
urban garden adventure will get you hands on
experience in the dirt and more with garden plant identification. Fridays harvest goes to
Food Not Bombs. Monday’s harvest goes to
the Karma Share CSA program.
Requirements: You’ll be riding bikes. If you
don’t have access to one, the Catalyst can provide
one for you.

Hula Hoop Making
Facilitator: Miranda
Contact: freeskool@catalystinfoshop.org
Date & Time: Sept. 17th 6pm
Description: If you want to start painting,
buy a paint brush. If you want more hula hooping
in your life, come make a hoop or just learn how!
Location: The Catalyst Infoshop

Kombucha & Cooking
Facilitator: Ganai Silver-Wolfe
Contact: wolfedenkeeper@yahoo.com
Date & Time: Sept. 11th Kombucha at 2pm
Cooking at 3-5pm
Location: The Catlayst Infoshop
Description: Kombucha is a cultured miracle drink sold for high prices in natural foods stores. Come learn how to grow and care for your own! Cooking 101
class to follow. For all ages: come learn basics.
Requirements: Kombucha-mason jars, black tea,
and sugar are available at cost from The Honeyman
437 S Montezuma St.

“Let’s Ride!” Bicycle Maintenance Skillshare
Facilitator: Rayanne
Contact: freeskool@catalystinfoshop.org
Date & Time: Sept. 19th @ 12-3pm
Location: HUB [220 Grove Ave. Behind Student
Description: Critical Mass is a week away. Is your bike ready to ride? Do you have a bike? Let’s get our bikes ready to ride. Don’t know much about bike maintenance? No worries… bike mechanics and HUB volunteers will also be around to answer

Fun w/ KIDS ART!
Facilitator: Sarah Treadwell
Contact: freeskool@catalystinfoshop.org
Date & Time: Every Wed. 4-5pm + Really Really
Free Market: Sept 27th
Description: Let's have fun with kids art! Class will be lead by an avid art lover, Sarah, who will have fun ideas and projects to share with young minds! All ages encouraged.
Location: The Catalyst Infoshop. Sept 27th
Really Really Free Market at Granite Creek Park.

*Food Not Bombs (FNB)
Food Not Bombs is an all vegan/vegetarian meal cooked at the Catalyst Infoshop at Noon and served at 3pm on the Courthouse Square. FNB is free and sustained through volunteers and donations. Open to ALL.

Critical Mass
Last Friday of every month. An all inclusive bike ride to show Prescott “We Are Traffic!” All ages. Route chosen to fit riders ability and comfort. Last month’s turnout was awesome! Let’s do it again…
Location: Meet @ the Catalyst 5pm ride at 5:30pm

Really Really Free Market [RRFM]
The last Saturday of every month @ Granite Creek Park from 12-5pm. Bring an item, take an item. movement is a non-hierarchical. collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. The RRFM movement aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way. It holds as a major goal to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. Markets often vary in character, but they generally offer both goods and services. Participants bring unneeded items, food, skills and talents such as entertainment or haircuts. Participate in a true gift ecomony.

The Prescott Freeskool is a collective of folks
who wish to decentralize the traditional learning structure and create an environment where all participants are empowered by each others knowledge. All classes are free, which promotes an inclusive space where all are welcome regardless of economic status, age, gender, or class. To volunteer stop in The Catalyst Infoshop.

For more FREE events in the Prescott community, stop by the Prescott [PRC] Public Library or visit:: www.prescottlibrary.info OR