Thursday, November 20, 2008


Mayan Astrology + Numerology
Gary Stein
Date + Time:
Wednesday Nov. 20 @ 6pm
The Catalyst Infoshop
The distinctive Mayan calendar and Mayan astrology have been in use in Meso-America from at least the 6th Century BCE. There were two main calendars, one plotting the solar year of 365 days, which governed the planting of crops and other domestic matters; the other called the Tzolkin of 260 days, which governed ritual use. Each was linked to an elaborate astrological system to cover every facet of life.

Clases de Inglés

Cada miércoles de 6-8 En El Edificio de San Juan, 370 Garden St. Enfrente del Checkers. y cada viernes de 6-8 En El Edificio Ironwood en Salón B, 310 Grove Ave. Enfrente de la gasolinera Shell. Les invita a una clase de ingles para facilitar su comunicación y mejorar su estancia aquí en los Estados Unidos. ¡Familia y Amigos son Bienvenidos y las clases son completamente gratis!

Kombucha & Cooking
Facilitator: Ganai Silver-Wolfe
Date & Time: Nov. 7th Kombucha at 2pm
Cooking at 3-5pm
Location: The Catlayst Infoshop
Description: Kombucha is a cultured miracle drink sold for
high prices in natural foods stores. Come learn
how to grow and care for your own! Cooking 101
class to follow. For all ages: come learn basics.
Requirements: Kombucha-mason jars, black tea,
and sugar are available at cost from The Honeyman
437 S Montezuma St.

[H.U.B.] Helping Understand Bicycles
Facilitator: Hub volunteers + each other!
Date & Time:
Monday: 12-7pm
Tuesday: 2-7pm "Build-A-Bike" program
Thursday: 4-7pm "Womyn + Trans" hours
Friday: 12-3pm

Location: HUB [220 Grove Ave. Behind Student
Description: Helping Understand Bikes is a coalition committed to promoting bicycles as a fun and sustainable form of transportation that is accessible to individuals of any age, class, race, or gender.

*Food Not Bombs (FNB)
Food Not Bombs is an all vegan/vegetarian meal cooked at the Catalyst Infoshop at Noon and served at 3pm on the Courthouse Square. FNB is free and sustained through volunteers and donations. Open to ALL.

Critical Mass
Last Friday of every month. An all inclusive bike ride to show Prescott “We Are Traffic!” All ages. Route chosen to fit riders ability and comfort. Last month’s turnout was awesome! Let’s do it again…
Location: Meet @ the Catalyst 5pm ride at 5:30pm

The Prescott Freeskool is a collective of folks
who wish to decentralize the traditional learning structure and create an environment where all participants are empowered by each others knowledge. All classes are free, which promotes an inclusive space where all are welcome regardless of economic status, age, gender, or class. To volunteer stop in The Catalyst Infoshop or attend a meeting Sunday Oct. 12th.

For more FREE events in the Prescott community, stop by the Prescott [PRC] Public Library or visit::