Friday, February 24, 2012

Freeskool is back!

We're offering a new set of events, classes, and workshops for March 2012.
Freeskool is only as awesome as you make it, so get involved.
Contact us if you have ideas for what classes should be offered or if you would like to teach a class.


Liam D. Gray said...

As I wrote last August:

"Some things that interest me include pretty much all the things I saw listed for May:
Brewing beer
Making tinctures
Fermenting kombucha (I am supposed to get a scoby this evening)
Organic Eco-Gardening-Sprouting -Foraging Community
Plant Swap & Ideas Exchange
Harvest Local Produce
Pick up Soccer
Karma Farm
Pick up Soccer
documentary films
Food Not Bombs"

I'm a software and electronics engineer, and also I am trained in massage therapy and have a massage therapy license. I can teach some computer programming, web site creation, computer usage, and bodywork techniques, among others. I also might be able to teach some other things, including various topics within natural healing; herbalism and homeopathy have been interests of mine for some years.

Liam D. Gray said...

Oh, and also I can teach some meditation techniques.